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Eco-prints is a free to use web and app platform that fosters a community of people that care about the environment and wish to better their own eco journey. Whether you’re interested in being more eco-friendly, or you’re a seasoned environmentalist – everyone is welcome on Eco-prints. Eco-prints is a safe space where Users can ask questions, share their own stories, and reflect on their eco choices.

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Eco-prints was founded when a group of eco enthusiasts realized that environmentalism is different for everyone. We’re all on different levels of our eco journey, but we all need information. It was a struggle to find a platform that could meet our needs of having a community and finding information – and so, Eco-prints was born! Eco-prints is a space for everyone. Where like minded people can share their experiences and learn new things. It’s for anyone who lives or wants to live with the environment in their mind, body, and soul.

Our Team

Sean Zaboroski

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Ruri Otani

Analytics & Revenue Manager

Taylor Beatty

Chief Marketing Officer

Justyna Nowak

Marketing & Content Manager

Noella Yeo

Director of Application Design and User Experience

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