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About Us | TLC Platforms Inc.

About Us

Our Mission

TLC Platforms Inc. (TLC) has a very clear mandate – we create excellent online social media spaces that are focused on specific communities that are typically underserved.

Our apps aim to make the world a better place because they bring together and engage unique, niche communities to advocate for specific benevolent causes.  TLC’s apps give these communities a space to discuss, interact, and explore their specific areas of interest.

Although many of these communities share common interests, they tend to be either underserved by main stream social media or ‘lost in the noise’ of the Internet.

TLC’s sites are refuges from the general clutter of the web.

In other words, TLC’s sites bring a sense of community belonging to people of a “similar mindset” and captures the essence of a specific subject matter or demographic and therefore allows specific groups of users to really connect with focused interests and affinities.

As examples, the mission of our Eco-prints app is to engage environmentalists to make a genuine positive impact on the environment, the mission of our Fitprints app is to provide guidance for people that are underserved by the fitness industry to improve their health and the mission of our DMP app is to raise awareness of a disease that is killing millions of people worldwide, and provide support.

Check out our brands – we provide several examples of these niche platforms!

All of these are causes would benefit from more focussed and robust social connections and that is why TLC caters to these interested demographics to provide access to tailored information, to engage the communities, to raise their voices, to provide awareness and provide a welcoming community.

TLC is the visionary, originator, developer, launch agent, marketer and operator of a digital collection of these focussed social media platforms that aim for that mandate.

All of our platforms are free to use and designed to be unique, adaptable, focused and user friendly.

Our apps are available on the web as well as on Apple and Google Play stores.

Our Values


We transform individuals by providing access to support, information, life hacks and hope.


Our platforms bring together members of communities and provide the feeling of contributing to and being a part of their community.


We approach all communities with a primary goal of understanding and respect and all communities are treated equally, fairly and with respect.


We present safe and secure spaces for our User’s to interact and benefit from with complete peace of mind.

Eclectic Diversity

We are a Team that has origins from around the world that have located in Canada and each Team member eclectically brings their own fresh ideas and perspectives to all of our platforms.

User Focused

We connect and collaboratively work with our users in order to build and continuously improve our platforms in order to better serve communities.

Awesome Apps

We make awesome Apps that are created to make the world a better place – to fill the gaps that main stream social media platforms miss out on or outright disregard.

Creative Platforms

We make creative and unique social media platforms that are tailored to advance the interests of individuals and their specific communities.



We research and seek out specific communities that would benefit from an on-line platform to communicate, engage and further their specific interest or cause.



We collaborate with these engaged communities to understand their specific needs so we are in a position to effectively build their online space.



We execute to build and launch a high quality digital platform that is tailored for the specific community – always a free, friendly and safe space.

Execution of Amazing Ideas

Our diverse Team is a collection of an eclectic mix of talent, backgrounds, and perspectives that creates an ideal recipe to execute on amazing ideas.

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