Meet the Team

Sean Zaboroski

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

From business/securities lawyer to entrepreneur, Sean is all about invigorating life into fresh new ideas. Sean does more than just manage all aspects of the business; he creates communities by establishing platforms dedicated to helping others.

Andrew Zakharia

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Andrew is the Chief Financial Officer of DMP. He is dedicated to helping small businesses with their finances, and works with them to secure funding through non-traditional platforms. He is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, with a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies. The launching point of his career started with his time articling with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). In the same way that PwC helped Andrew launch his career, he wants to be the person that does the same for small businesses. Andrew also regularly lends his expertise to The Globe and Mail on various entrepreneurship topics.

Jesse Cluthe

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Jesse is in charge of overseeing software development of the DMP platform. He is a software engineer and graduated at the top of his class. Over the years he has worked in a variety of industries and projects ranging from robotics, satellites, to security and internal automation at BlackBerry. He and his team are responsible for providing full stack development for the DMP platform, while also advising on infrastructure, scalability, and expandability for the future. Jesse and his team have also worked on several open source projects in the development community, allowing companies to tweak source code as they see fit.

Taylor Beatty

Chief Marketing Officer

With a degree in psychology, Taylor understands people better than most. From executing marketing strategies to managing the marketing team, Taylor ensures that people’s voices are heard. She believes in not only supporting customers but creating positive change.

Noella Yeo

Director of Application Design and User Experience

Whether it’s our user interface or overseeing content creation, Noella is in charge of understanding our users and ensuring our platforms are easily accessible. Navigating online platforms should be easy and Noella is one of the best captains we know.

Ruri Otani

Analytics & Revenue Manager

Ruri is the analytics and strategic guru of the operation. Whether it’s sales research or marketing analytics, Ruri makes sure that what we are doing not only works but is the best way to do it.

Justyna Nowak

Marketing & Content Manager

Justyna takes our ideas and brings them to life by creating visual and creative content for our social media and marketing team. She makes sure that each picture is truly “worth a thousand words.”