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DMP (Diabetes Management Platform) is a free app dedicated to the diabetic community. On DMP you can connect and get community support from people with the same type of diabetes, who are the same age, or have similar struggles. Find your community on DMP!

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Our Birth

DMP (Diabetes Management Platform) started as a thought to bring together the diabetic community. After spending months of completing surveys, talking to diabetics of all ages and different types – we discovered their needs and started building. As such, DMP was born! DMP is a website and mobile app platform that fosters a community of people living with or supporting those diagnosed with diabetes. DMP is a safe space where users can connect and communicate with each other, get reliable information, and reach medical professionals.

Our Team

Sean Zaboroski

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Ruri Otani

Analytics & Revenue Manager

Taylor Beatty

Chief Marketing Officer

Justyna Nowak

Marketing & Content Manager

Noella Yeo

Director of Application Design and User Experience

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2500-120 Adelaide St. W., Toronto, Ontario Canada M5H 1T1
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